Meal replacement better at achieving weight-loss goals

Scientific comparison proves formula diet à la Almased guarantees healthy weight sustainably


A so-called formula diet such as the Almased strategy, in which individual meals are replaced by a drink, not only removes excess pounds quickly but also ensures a healthy body weight in the long term. This has been confirmed once again in an analysis of various studies on different weight-loss concepts carried out by British scientists. The analysis demonstrated that replacing meals with a vital food like Almased ensures greater weight loss than diets without meal replacement.

In the past, a large number of people have achieved their desired weight-loss target without any great effort using Almased, which is a so-called vital food, and many others are continuing to follow their lead. Furthermore, many international studies have shown that Almased not only guarantees weight loss, but also optimises nutrition, thus regulating weight sustainably in a healthy manner and preventing secondary illnesses caused by the wrong diet, such as type 2 diabetes, which is a widespread disease. In a meta-analysis of randomised, controlled trials, British scientists have now compared different weight-loss strategies. The result: after a year, diets in which individual meals were replaced by so-called formulated products, like Almased, helped achieve greater weight loss in overweight or obese people than diets without any such meal replacement. The analysis concluded that the meal-replacement strategy was the clear winner, which once again shows unmistakably that anyone using Almased is doing the right thing!

The results of the British study are not really surprising: in cooperation with the German societies for diabetes (Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft, DDG) nutrition (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, DGE) and nutritional medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährungsmedizin, DGEM), the German society for obesity (Deutsche Adipositas-Gesellschaft, DAG) updated its scientific guideline on "Prevention and Therapy of Obesity" back in 2014. This guideline says that meal-replacement strategies based on so-called formulated products are suitable for reducing the calorie intake of overweight persons and achieving weight reduction. Formulated diets are weight-loss programmes in which exactly defined meals are replaced each day by formulated products, such as an Almased drink. What is particularly important here is that although calorie intake is reduced, the body’s supply of important nutrients is nevertheless ensured. This means Almased does not stress or endanger the metabolism during weight loss.

A formula diet works

The British scientists have confirmed this basic knowledge about the efficacy of formulated products. They evaluated suitable studies from six different electronic databases in which weight-loss programmes with a meal replacement were compared with those that did not involve anything that was equivalent. The authors of the analysis used data from randomised, controlled weight-loss programmes conducted prior to August 2018; studies with an energy intake of less than 800 kcal/day and those based on a pure formulated diet were excluded. The bottom line of the comparison was that the most successful diets were those in which individual meals were replaced by formulated products, as is the case with Almased diets. After a year, the average weight loss was always greater for the comparable Almased weight-loss strategies than for diets without meal replacement.

The results meant the scientists also gave good marks to diet strategies using a so-called formulated product, like Almased. Almased stands out from similar products because of its particularly high-quality nutrients. An Almased drink is therefore not only called vital food and allows superfluous pounds to be shed reliably: as a genuine power drink it also makes a significant contribution to a balanced and thus health-oriented diet, as scientists have confirmed time and time again.

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