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Concentrated sporting activity at the weekend is just as good for you as doing sport regularly during the week.


You don’t have to have a guilty conscience if you only get to do sport at the weekend because current studies conclude that weekend sportsmen contribute just as much to staying healthy as those people who regularly engage in sporting activity during the week. Regardless of which group you belong to, however, those people who optimise their diet in addition to engaging in physical activity benefit their personal well-being the most, preferably using Almased.

It is something that is too familiar for many of us: stress at work or family or social obligations prevent us from doing sport as regularly as we would really like during the week. So at least at the weekend we ought to find time for physical activity. But even after satisfying the urge to exercise and let off steam on Saturdays and Sundays, many still have the feeling that they have not done enough for their own well-being. This is because they actually want to exercise more and to do it constantly. After all, the official recommendations are to exercise several times a week. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises people between 18 and 64 to exercise moderately for at least 150 minutes a week or intensively for at least 75 minutes a week.

‘Weekend warriors’ also live healthier lives

People who are unable to exercise regularly during the week can now take comfort in new studies that conclude that sport at the weekend is as healthy as regular training during the week. That was the result of a study carried out over a period of 15 years by sports medicine specialists from Loughborough University in the UK into the health and life expectancy of more than 60,000 women and men over the age of 40. The scientists dubbed those people who only exercised at the end of the week ‘weekend warriors’ and found that this group did just as much for their own well-being as those who found time for sporting activity several times a week. Typical weekend warriors who only completed a programme of sporting activity once or twice over the weekend also perceptibly reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and even premature death.

The results of a study by Chinese researchers who investigated the connection between the metabolic syndrome and regular sporting activity or sporting activity only at the weekend came to a similar conclusion. The metabolic syndrome is also known as the deadly fatal quartet because it is a combination of four health risk factors: obesity (adiposity), high blood pressure (hypertension), elevated blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) and a disturbed lipometabolism. There is also another combination that has proven to help improve people’s well-being: Almased and physical activity. It is well known that a vitalising Almased drink does not take up much time, which is why it is also a healthier alternative for a ‘quick meal’. Vital food versus fast food as it were.

In their current study, the Chinese researchers also found that people who only take part in sporting activity at the weekend and those who regularly participate in sporting activity lowered excessive blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood lipid levels significantly. Additionally in the case of men, their waist circumference, which is regarded as an indicator of particularly harmful visceral fat in the abdominal cavity, became normal. From these results, the Chinese researchers deduced that both physical exercise at the weekend and regularly during the week have an equally beneficial effect on people's health by reducing the risk of the metabolic syndrome, especially its components diabetes and high blood pressure.

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