You can even change bad eating habits

Paying attention to what you eat avoids the excess pounds.

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Bad habits tend to stick and it is usually not easy to get rid of them. The same is often true when it comes to getting rid of bad eating habits. Nevertheless, it is particularly important to get rid of them because not only do bad eating habits result in excess pounds: they can also have a detrimental effect on a person’s health in general. Mark Twain may have once said, “Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed down-stairs one step at a time.” However, it is even feasible to get rid of bad eating habits. To deal with overweight, people need to check their eating habits and, if necessary, change them. Almased, with its valuable ingredients, can be extremely helpful in bringing about a suitable change in diet. This is because the formulated product functions not only as a ‘fat burner’ but also as a high-quality dietary supplement.

In today’s hectically perceived times, one of the most common mistakes with respect to eating is not taking the time needed to eat properly - or thinking that one does not have the time to do so. This turns eating into something of secondary importance. According to studies, this happens very often to those people who eat alone. For example, a study commissioned by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) health insurance company showed that many people who eat on their own look for entertainment when doing so. Of those surveyed, 35 per cent said they watch TV, surf the Internet or read a magazine while eating. The authors of the study noted that this means that eating becomes a secondary issue for the majority of young adults between 18 and 29 years of age.

In contrast, nutrition experts recommend that people should be more conscious of what they eat. Those who pay more attention to their diet, starting with buying healthier food, preparing it ‘lovingly’ and then consuming it carefully, are generally less likely to eat more than they need. On the other hand, people who gobble down a meal carelessly run the risk of eating too much and thus gaining excess kilos. This is especially true for those people who cannot resist a quick snack on the go because they just feel like it and cannot resist it. However, such ‘appetisers’ on the side, which are often used as a kind of reward for something or to compensate for stress, are precisely the dietary sins that lead all too quickly to obesity. Not least for this reason, overweight and obesity are also among to the negative consequences of modern living, because they are essentially characterised by a constantly available, but unfortunately often unhealthy, supply of food.

Most people want to eat more healthily

It is noticeable that the widespread inattentiveness regarding what one eats is coinciding with an increasing trend towards healthier eating. In the TK study referred to above, for example, the majority of the respondents (45 per cent) said that when it comes to nutrition their main concern is eating healthily. Food that tastes good was only the second most important criterion (41 per cent). This contrasts with an earlier study in 2013 where ‘tasty is the main thing’ was the most important factor.

Experts warn, however, that eating must not be allowed to degenerate into a stressful situation where calories are constantly counted and the joy of eating becomes lost. It is not always easy to adapt one’s eating habits to individual energy needs. But even when choosing food, one can take care not to eat too many highly processed products, as these often contain unnecessarily high amounts of sugar and fat. This even applies to supposedly healthy foods such as muesli or so-called sports nutrition supplements. Making a conscious choice can be a great help here.

As numerous independent studies have shown, changing one’s diet from bad to healthier habits is also a promising way of combating overweight and obesity and the associated health problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Such changes in lifestyle combined with Almased have proven to be particularly good and worthwhile. This is because a diet shake helps not only lose pounds and ensure the desired weight is maintained over the long term: as a supplement to the daily diet, Almased also guarantees a complete and balanced supply of valuable nutrients. Healthy eating is therefore also possible in today’s world, and using Almased helps make it smarter.

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