Remissions are possible

Weight-loss powders, so-called formula diets, help reduce weight quickly. Clinical studies have shown that these can be used successfully with type 2 diabetes and that the symptoms can even disappear permanently. In such cases, the medical profession talks of clinical remission.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose level: control mechanism and motivational engine

The body’s sugar metabolism is impaired in diabetics. Possibly permanently. However, if those affected monitor their blood regularly and adhere strictly to their doctor’s advice, it is usually possible to get the metabolism back to normal.

Lifestyle intervention program trial: a more successful alternative to medication-only therapy

According to a study of type 2 diabetics, medical telemarketing coupled with a change in eating habits can help them reduce their blood glucose and – a pleasant side-effect – lose weight.

Replacing meals with Almased is also beneficial for diabetics

Overweight type 2 diabetics with a high level of insulin resistance can reduce their insulin requirement and their blood glucose (HbA1c), and lose weight, using Almased’s meal replacement product Vitalkost, which is low in calories and rich in protein. That is the result of a preclinical trial carried out by the West-German Centre of Diabetes and Health (WGDZ) of the Association of Catholic Hospitals Dusseldorf (VKKD).

My Health - Diabetes as an Opportunity for a New Start

Professor Stephan Martin, Senior Consultant for Diabetology and Director at the West-German Diabetes Clinic and Health Centre (WDGZ), in an interview with My Health broadcast by RTL on 25 April 2016.


When stress eating leads to love handles

Emotional eating as the cause of obesity.
Love handles and stress eating are now things of the past. Today we use the term emotional eating to describe people using food to positively influence their mood. But no matter how we describe eating food to help deal with sorrow and stress, it can contribute considerably to overweight. Specialists recommend therefore that we should be consciously aware of the relationship between emotions and eating.

Start overeating early and become obese later

Parents often underestimate their children's overweight.
The foundations for overweight or obesity are often already laid during a person’s childhood. Current studies have confirmed this. For example, scientists at the Center for Pediatric Research, University Hospital for Children and Adolescents, University of Leipzig, found that the weight of obese children between two and six years of age had increased particularly sharply. However, many parents tend not to take the superfluous kilos of their offspring seriously enough.

Weight loss more successful and sustainable with formula diets like Almased

Scientific studies confirm practical experience.
People who replace individual daily meals with so-called formulated products, such as Almased, do not only lose weight more successfully than when they follow weight reduction strategies without such substitute meals: they also achieve more sustainable improvements regarding their body weight. This is the result of recent studies by British and Danish scientists that compared formula diets with other weight-loss concepts. Almased is a particularly valuable dietary alternative so it can be deduced from the researchers' analysis that it helps lose weight just as actively and successfully as it helps to stabilise a healthier body weight in the long term. As a formula diet, Almased thus proves it contributes to a person’s well-being in the long term, especially if the person is overweight or obese. In addition, Almased can also be used as a dietary supplement for people of normal weight – especially those who want to stay that way.

The main thing is that you do it!

Concentrated sporting activity at the weekend is just as good for you as doing sport regularly during the week.
You don’t have to have a guilty conscience if you only get to do sport at the weekend because current studies conclude that weekend sportsmen contribute just as much to staying healthy as those people who regularly engage in sporting activity during the week. Regardless of which group you belong to, however, those people who optimise their diet in addition to engaging in physical activity benefit their personal well-being the most, preferably using Almased.

Meal replacement better at achieving weight-loss goals

Scientific comparison proves formula diet à la Almased guarantees healthy weight sustainably.
A so-called formula diet such as the Almased strategy, in which individual meals are replaced by a drink, not only removes excess pounds quickly but also ensures a healthy body weight in the long term. This has been confirmed once again in an analysis of various studies on different weight-loss concepts carried out by British scientists. The analysis demonstrated that replacing meals with a vital food like Almased ensures greater weight loss than diets without meal replacement.



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